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Lesbian Legal Rights In Las Vegas

Lesbian escorts in Las Vegas are not exactly a bunch of clones. They do not all look alike and most importantly, they do not all want the same things. As a result, there will be differences of opinion on issues such as same-sex marriage, which should be resolved by the government and not by a handful of individuals who wish to have same-sex wedding ceremonies. It is not that gay folks hate people of the homosexual persuasion; quite the contrary, quite the opposite. It is that they are still individuals with their own individual sexual orientations and they should be allowed to live that way without having to put up with anyone else’s biases.

A city in which gay folks go to have weddings can only be considered a progressive place if it allows same-sex couples to be legal while rejecting discrimination against lesbians. Otherwise, it is a backward city in which to live. The only way that Las Vegas can claim to be progressive is if it allows lesbian legal protections and treats everyone equally under the law.

Now then, why can’t Las Vegas become the rainbow city? I believe it is because the residents there do not wish to alienate anyone, including the lesbian community. They want to build a community that is accepting of all people. It is true that some of them do not accept lesbians, but then why would any gay person want to live in a community that does not accept them? Gay folks ought to celebrate their liberation, celebrate Lesbian civil rights and treat each other with kindness and compassion, even if they are not able to love or date someone of the same sex.

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